Disaster Response

How Methodists are Responding

John Wesley led Methodists to balance our response to our faith with Holiness and Service. Wesley believed that our Love for God and Jesus Christ should inspire us to study the Bible, Pray and Participate in discussion about our walk with God. He also believed that we should respond to the world, being the hands and feet of the Lord.

One of the ways in which the United Methodist Church responds to a world in need is the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR ). In its 75th year, UMCOR provides sustained response to disasters, sickness, famine and disaster preparedness. Local churches fund the ongoing efforts in two ways. First UMCOR can respond quickly to disaster because we, as Methodists, "paid it forward" with our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing and other gifts to UMCOR. One Great Hour of Sharing provides for UMCOR's operating costs. Then if disaster strikes in the US or around the globe specific support Disaster Response Donations can be made and 100% of the gifts go directly to Disaster Response.

UMCOR also stores disaster relief supplies in strategic locations around the world. Blankets and Relief Kits are made up by churches all over the world and sent to UMCOR to be ready for distribution.


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