Joe Hoffman

Joe Hoffmann, Certified Lay Minister

Lay Pastor Joe lives in Alta, CA with his wife Barbara. They were married in 1972 and have four grown children. Joe has been a member of God's family since the age of seven. He has been affiliated over the years with Brethren, Baptist, and Presbyterian churches but has called Dutch Flat UMC home since 1986. In 2009 Joe completed United Methodist Church Certified Lay Minister Training and since then has been elected annually by Gold Country Community Parish to serve as a Lay Pastor in the Parish.

In addition to sharing the word of the Lord, Joe has shared the world of Mathematics with both children and adults. He taught at Sierra College for 16 years and has served in a number of capacities in support of Mathematics education since he first received his Life-Time Secondary Teaching Credential at age 23.

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936 Stockton Street, Dutch Flat, CA 95714

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