Senior Wellness Beulah Grant

Parish Senior Wellness Program

The Gold Country Community Parish Senior Wellness Program is administered by Jeanne, BS, RN (retired).

The Senior Wellness Program teams with county and church programs to provide informative seminars for seniors as well as ongoing exercise, music and hot meals. Two Walk With Ease programs have been offered. These six week programs were led by Walk With Ease Certified Leader.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue the current Fitness 4 Seniors, Lunch Nutrition and Fellowship, Arts and Crafts, Health For Independence Workshops, Blood pressure and diabetic foot screenings, hospital visitation and other services that promote and enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual life of local seniors. We joyfully welcome the Monday morning Sing Along With The Lyrical Locos to the Wellness program as a medically proven activity that stimulates the brain, assists communication, fellowship, life satisfaction and general well-being.

The program also provides for home visitation in cases of illness or end of life times.

Walk With Ease

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